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BackMenders-Chiropractic With Care Reviews

BackMenders-Chiropractic With Care Reviews

Dallas Chiropractor, Dr. Chuck Kobdish has been helping patients for decades. The team at BackMenders-Chiropractic With Care is ready to help you in your journey to wellness. Here are what some of our patients are saying.


Feeling Heard, More Aligned, In Less Pain

Dr Kobdish was very personable and made me feel comfortable right away. He was attentive to my issues and asked the right questions. I left my first appointment with Dr Kobdish feeling heard, more aligned, in less pain and confident his skills and education will help me on my road to better wellness.

– Jocelyn Z.

I Felt Relief and Improvement After Just One Visit

Dr. Kobdish is thorough and very patient. He listened and addressed all my concerns in the first visit, giving me confidence that I was on the right path for my chiropractic care. I really appreciate that he explained everything he was doing and how it would help me in the short and long term. I felt relief and improvement after just one visit, I’m glad to say!

– Lindsey B.

In Good Hands With Dr. Chuck

I remember seeing Dr. Kobdish at a networking event a long long time ago. Though I never enlisted his services until recently, I knew he was the Doc I wanted to see. Having never seen a chiropractor before, I was a bit timid at first. My hesitance dissolved immediately upon our first conversation. Rest assured you are in good hands with Dr. Chuck. I could not be happier with the results so far. Looking forward to continuing my visits!

– Connor C.

Transformed My Condition

Dr. Kobdish literally transformed my condition which was basically me barely able to walk or barely get out of bed to be able to carry on with my weekly schedule & get back to living. He was attentive, courteous & saw me on a moment’s motions because he knew I was in so much pain. Also, he explained his methods so I was fully aware of the methods & why he chose them & that they would help me. After three visits I am well on the way to recovery and highly recommend him for any chiropractic needs.

– Jeff R.

I Feel SO Much Better

I’m excited to be under Dr. K’s care. I felt safe and attended to during my visit and feel SO much better! I LOVE his laid back style, natural compassion and the fact that he LISTENS after asking me a question and educates about the treatment process. I’m busy and active and Dr. K is respectful of that and I appreciate that he also expects the same! Looking forward to a good relationship!

– Cass M.

Caring Chiropractor

The qualities I look for in any health care practitioner are care, concern and clinical expertise, and Dr. Kobdish has them all. There are other chiropractors I can go to for my regular adjustment, but I prefer seeing him. It can be summed up in this one phrase, ‘I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.’ Dr. Kobdish cares on top of the fact that he’s very personable.

– Dotson, D.C.

Lower Back Pain Significantly Reduced

I’d like to take a moment to thank you Dr. Kobdish, for the amazing chiropractic care I’ve been receiving. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve previously been treated by several chiropractors, but I’ve never experienced such positive results.

My lower back pain is significantly reduced, and while I know I’ll never be totally “cured”, I take comfort in knowing that my quality of life is much improved. Since being diagnosed with spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis, I now understand and appreciate the importance of follow up treatments for maintenance.

Not only am I happy with the results I’ve received under your care, and that of your massage therapist, but I thank for your compassion and honesty.

– Joe C.

Pain-Free with Chiropractic

I have suffered from back problems for years but never tried chiropractic medicine because I was skeptical. Eventually, I was in enough pain to have an open mind, and I’m so glad I chose BackMenders! Words of praise don’t do justice here – I can honestly say that I am now pain-free. Dr. Chuck is an excellent, knowledgeable doctor with great people skills. His fees are reasonable and he always fits me into his schedule. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to do this!! If you are in pain, don’t wait, go see him!

– Erin M.

A Blessing in My Life

I’ve lived with back pain for years. In 2008, I was training for my first marathon, when 8 weeks before the big day, my back started flaring up. I was determined to not let back pain prevent me from achieving my goal of completing the White Rock Marathon. I reached out to Dr. Kobdish who I knew through a business group I’m involved with, and he made time for me immediately. He worked with me through the marathon and I’ve been seeing him ever since for wellness care. He has helped me with nutritional needs, sinus headaches, and more. I recommend Dr. Kobdish to all my family and friends because I trust him to care for them at the level he has cared for me. Working with him has been a real blessing.

– Ronda

My Low Back Pain is Gone!

After a history of preconceived notions and negative results as to the practice of Chiropractic and its effectiveness, I found myself in Dr. Kobdish’s office explaining my goal of being able to get on the floor to play with my kids. The pain that I was experiencing in my low back has hindered me from performing some of the simplest activities. After the initial exam and beginning treatment, I began to experience results and the power of Dr. Kobdish’s expertise. After the recommended treatment program I was able to taper down to a regular visit pattern of just 3 or 4 maintenance treatments a year. I feel great and my kids enjoy the extra effort I can give during play time.

– Staley S.

So Many Techniques to Help

I started using Dr. Kobdish before my first marathon when I began experiencing discomfort and tension in my neck, back and hips. He is so informative with every procedure he performs and there are no surprises. Dr. Kobdish has many techniques that can be applied, including stretching, electrical stimulation, and he also offers suggestions on nutritional supplements. He is very personable and highly recommended. I have since completed my marathon pain free and continue to go to him for adjustments.

– Emily W.

Migraines Greatly Reduced

For over 20 years, I have suffered from debilitating migraines which would often interfere with work and my personal life. Once they hit, I lose a day in bed attempting to sleep it off. I have seen multiple neurologists and tried various prescription medications to prevent these headaches. Some of the drugs had terrible side effects while others would be helpful for a period of time and then no longer be effective at all.

My migraines have always crept up on me the same way, starting with a dull pain in the right side of my neck. I decided to seek help from Dr. Kobdish in the spring of 2009. I am so pleased with the results I have been getting from regular adjustments. I can finally say my migraines have been greatly reduced with his treatment. Dr. Kobdish also suggested metabolic testing which I had never tried before. The results were very interesting and he was able to provide nutritional counseling to help me eliminate a few foods that were possible triggers for my headaches.

Seeking treatment for migraines with Dr. Kobdish has proven to be the most successful therapy. He’s made great strides where others have failed. I now rarely suffer from headaches of any sort, and I have Dr. Kobdish to thank.

– Kelly K.

Headache, Neck, & Back Pain Relief

I first moved to Dallas about a year and a half ago. I have had neck and back problems for a few years now, and for me regular chiropractic care is a must. I was so happy to find the office of Dr. Kobdish so near my home and went in to speak with him. I found him to be a kind and helpful individual that listened to my concerns and thoughts about my own health. Since that time, I have been getting better and better, and have almost no headaches compared to a life seemingly ruled by headaches. I am very grateful for the part Dr. Kobdish has played in the current health of my neck and back. I have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.

– Daisy R.

Noticeable Improvement

Having suffered from neck and lower back pain, sometimes debilitating, as a result of sports injuries, I turned to Dr. Kobdish for help. I had heard about spinal decompression therapy and wanted to see if it could help my condition. I precede my treatments with a massage therapy session to establish the most favorable treatment conditions. What a difference! With each session, my back and neck showed noticeable improvement. I am now on a maintenance program that helps reinforce the progress I have made. Should have done this years ago!

– George K.

Chiropractic for Constipation

I am so excited to share my experience with Backmenders! I have two young, healthy daughters who during infancy and toddlerhood would suffer from severe constipation. I would bring the girls in to see Dr. Kobdish, and after a quick adjustment, they’d be back to normal. Chiropractic has been such a positive part of my girl’s lives that I’ve been taking my newborn son in for regular care as well.

– Oceanna H.

Knowledgeable, Kind, & Caring Chiropractor

Chuck is one of the best Chiropractic doctors that I have ever had! He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. Dr. Kobdish treats the whole person. He is never too busy to discuss all aspects of your life that might be the cause of your pain. He offers a wide range of services, including massage, as well as a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements. He loves being a Chiropractor and it shows in the treatment of his patients. Chuck has also become a great friend and mentor. Go see him, today!

– Sylvia W.

Trusted & Respected Chiropractor

I met Dr. Kobdish in early 2009 through the East Dallas Chamber of Commerce where he serves as the Membership Chair. Randomly, I had been looking for a chiropractor to go see but had not run across one that I felt really comfortable with. Most providers that I had spoken with in the past seemed to want to get me into their office as many times as possible and I knew in the back of my mind that that much care was not warranted. Then enter Dr. Kobdish. He put me on a treatment plan that got me where I needed to be and now I have a monthly visit just to make sure I am aligned. The key here being that I am not having to go back for unnecessary visits which would be a waste of time and money. Over the last 8 – 9 months, Dr. Kobdish has become not only my trusted Doctor of Chiropractic but has also become a good friend and I trust and respect him dearly. He is a great person and a true asset not only to the East Dallas Chamber but to the community and to any other organization that he is affiliated with. I am proud to know him and to be able to call him a friend.

– Ryan H.

Chronic Pain under Control

I have rheumatoid arthritis and suffer from chronic pain. In order to minimize this, I have always used the services of an experienced chiropractor. However, after relocating to Dallas this spring, I had to find a new chiropractor after 8 years, but I was lucky enough to find Dr. Kobdish. After a few weeks, my joint pain was finally back under control and now I feel minimal daily joint pain. I am glad to report that I always feel 200% better upon leaving his office. Dr. Kobdish is excellent at listening and also at offering advice on complementary treatments for patients that may suffer from chronic pain.

– Cathy B.

Dr. Kobdish is all About the Patient!

Dr. Kobdish is amazing person, friend, colleague and business mentor. He offers far more than most chiro’s, as he challenges you to self-evaluate your personal needs, provides the education and experience to guide you toward becoming a healthier, more positive person. I joined one of Dr. Chuck’s nutritional detox programs. The program, information and support to reach my personal goals were all met, as were the great products Dr. Chuck introduced to me. His holistic insight and guidance paired with his non-surgical approach to healthcare were all key to a happy, healthy patient experience. If you are not sure about seeing a chiropractor, you should consider Dr. Chuck Kobdish, his approach is all about you, the patient. Give him a call!

– Tamela S.

Shoulder & Low Back Pain Relief

The only thing I was absolutely sure of, not being any sort of physician myself, was that my pelvis and lower back liked to throb and pinch for seemingly no reason, and my left shoulder refused to lift anything. Now, I was not a fan of doctors, believing them all quite fond of prescription drugs and charging for estimates. So, when I walked into Dr. Kobdish’s office, I was relieved to find him not only down-to-earth, but very serious about my health. My overall health, mind you. There was no mention of a “quick-fix” (you know, those things riddled with side-effects), but a calm one-on-one chat concerning my diet, exercise, and several possible causes of my pain. He took time to explain the benefits of Chiropractic care in regards to my current condition and more; even suggesting natural solutions like supplemental magnesium and simply drinking more water. After only a month, just six visits, my shoulder was giving me no more problems, and my pelvic and lower back pain was non-existent, making work and daily exercise a cinch. Now I visit Dr. Kobdish every other week just for upkeep on my adjustments.

– Kristi B.

Excellent Chiropractor

I have a physically demanding job and was experiencing lower back pain when I first went to see Dr. Kobdish. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I was a little nervous. Dr. Kobdish was more than happy to explain everything to me and put my mind at ease. I really enjoyed my visit and looked forward to my next adjustment. Four or so visits later my back pain was gone!

Dr. Kobdish is an excellent chiropractor and a fun and friendly guy. His office is clean, tastefully decorated and provides a peaceful, quiet environment. BackMenders is conveniently located in East Dallas, parking is always a snap, and he never makes you wait. I highly recommend Dr. Kobdish!

– Katy K.

Skeptic turned Chiropractic Lover

I always thought chiropractic was a joke. After just a couple visits, my back problems were going away, and my range of motion is the best it’s been since I was a child. His rates are very reasonable, which is important since my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic.

– Jesse S.

Revived and Relieved with Chiropractic

I LOVE DR. K! He is a wealth of knowledge for overall well-being. I’ve been a patient for just under a year and so look forward to my visits to see him. I always leave feeling revived and relieved and would recommend his services to anyone! Whether you suffer from severe chronic back pain or just need the occasional adjustment, you’ll love what he can do for you. I especially appreciate the personal attention you get while being treated by Dr. Kobdish – he spends a great deal of time with his patients and I always feel really well-understood and heard. I highly recommend Dr. Kobdish!

– Wrayanne W.


Ready to Get Started?

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